(this was originally a response to a comment on my overview of Swiss society and governance, entitled “The People are the Sovereign

Iraq is an artificial country. Like so many post-colonial states, Iraq was composed of borders drawn for the convenience of the colonial powers and not because of any shared qualities of the folks who live within them. Also, during the Mandatory period, the British used the tactic of installing a minority group (Sunni Arabs) as a ruling class over the majority (Shia Arabs). …

(This was originally a lengthy comment to an article called “Switzerland’s Mind-Your-Own-Business Wisdom” by Lauren Reiff.)

Odes to Switzerland-as-free-market-utopia are badly misguided. Just because Swiss banks and business concerns are profitable and successful is not due to an “allegiance to economics over politics.” Politics, regulation and state subsidy loom larger over Swiss business and daily life than in most other developed nations. However, because of the decentralized nature of the Swiss social and political system, the people have greater control over how these state interventions are managed.

For an outsider (of which I am one), it is easy to look…

Brian Azevedo

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